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Ofir Shwartz - Biography

Ofir Shwartz - Biography

Born in Israel, Ofir has been playing the piano since he was 2 years old. Being with a classical background Ofir fell in love with jazz at puberty, a love that changed his views towards music and helped him find his calling as an improvising artist and composer. At the age of 20, Ofir started his professional career and has performed with Israel's finest musicians.

Through the years, he has performed at many prestigious jazz festivals and venues around the world both as leader and sideman, and participated in a variety of musical projects, giving him the opportunity to experiment in different styles and approaches.
Shwartz continuously compose and create fascinating new music, he holds great importance in conserving creativity and unique sound while exploring the endless bounds of harmony and melody.

Ofir Shwartz is a several times winner of the Israeli Ministry of Culture prize for creativity in music, the Haifa Arts Foundation prize for Jazz Musician, and is regularly supported by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as one of the great Israeli touring musicians.

Ofir Shwartz's albums are distributed internationally, and oftentimes are rated among the best sellers (Japan) and best music (Google Play).

Ofir Shwartz Trio

Ofir Shwartz Trio

Ofir Shwartz (Israel) - piano, Noriaki Hosoya (Japan) - bass, Gasper Bertoncelj (Slovenia) - drums
A progressive piano trio that performs music composed and arranged by Ofir Shwartz. This trio has a unique approach inspiring from jazz, rock, drum'n'bass genres.

The trio concerts are energetic and exciting - changing rhythms, moving from mellow melodies to dissonance by the spirit of the moment. It has a very emotional and honest connection between the musicians and the audience as part of the music creation experience.

Since 2008 Ofir Shwartz has been touring the world performing at renowned Jazz Festivals and venues. In 2014 Shwartz has released his second trio album Shades of Fish under the Slovak label Hevhetia, an album that featured Google Play Top New Jazz for nearly six months. In 2010 Shwartz has recorded his first trio album Earlier in Time, released in sHmoo records.

Yuval Ron & Residents of the Future

Yuval Ron & Residents of the Future

The quartet performs original tunes, mostly written and arranged by guitarist Yuval Ron, which reveal the influence of the greats of Modern Jazz, and a mixture of many other contemporary artists of the Progressive, Fusion and Metal veins. The music is characterized by constant emphasis on harmonic richness, rhythmical sophistication, dialogues between the players and excessive use of synthesizers and other electronic instruments.

The material played is partly written and partly improvised by the band and shows a perfect blend of talent and interplay that leads to a constantly evolving musical and energetic experience.

The band has performed in a variety of venues worldwide and gained extremely supportive feedbacks and recognition from audience and fellow musicians. It has also released 3 albums (including a live concert DVD) since 2004.

Yuval Ron and Residents of the Future performs occasionally at some of the most renowned Jazz Festivals in the world.
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